Deb Kirchner is an independent designer creating stunning indoor and outdoor living experiences for homes, offices and more.

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The decor that put DK on the map. Featured on Channel 6 News and on display at Union Pacific, McCarthy Capital, Mutual of Omaha and First National Bank. Time slots are reserved as early as September so contact us soon with your interest!


Whether your interest is hosting large outdoor soirees or simply creating an enjoyable space for your family, DK will bring your vision to life. Don't dismiss this new staple of home living: the great outdoors. 



DK has extensive experience designing interiors for homes, offices and commercial spaces. Carrying top quality furniture and accessory lines, Deb can work with in your budget to deliver maximum results. 

When barren backyards become an invitation to gather.


“To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug.” – Helen Keller 

In our opinion: you should finish your backyard just as you would finish the inside of your house. Don’t let your hardscape, deck or patio remain a rarely used extension of your living quarters. You own it, thus you should make the most out of it. Our justification for this claim lies within each client we’ve worked with who wishes that they would have committed to it sooner due to a very noticeable increase in the quality of their home life.

DK’s expertise extends to patio furniture [lounges, sectionals], dining furniture [dining sets, bar stools] fire pits, rugs, accessories, pottery and greenery. She can incorporate gazebos, pools, bars and the natural beauty of your space into the decor. As is true across the board, Deb only carries product lines that are of the best quality in regards to workmanship, durability, warranties and customer service. Deb understands the importance of investment you are making and thus wants your investment to stand the test of time. Furthermore, each of her vendors carry product lines that have permanence and allow you to add pieces from the same lines year after year. This allows customers to create a long-term master plan for their backyard to make it work within your budget (a luxury not available through chain store retail).

Spending time outdoors has been proven to have many positive effects on stress levels, psyche and overall health. Let us help you create a stunning space by which to reap its benefits. 


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Warm design for spirited holiday gatherings


DK is known for Christmas.

Deb has a talent for bringing Christmas into your home and making it look like it belongs there. Trees become beautiful accessories as the hand-picked colors and overall theme work together to compliment your space. 
More than trees, think garlands on banisters and stairs, wreaths and centerpieces all custom made for your home. In our winter wonderland, Christmas isn't reserved for the family room; try a whimsical fairy-filled tree in a child’s room, a woodsy pencil tree for the home office or a delicious candy-inspired tree in the kitchen. 
Deb's customers request trees as early as November 1st, eagerly awaiting the joy, beauty and holiday sentiment demanded by this décor. We guarantee that investing in a holiday experience crafted by DKdekor will have you dreaming of Christmas in July, August and September.  


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Worn in spaces get a new opening statement.


“Home décor isn’t about creating a look… it’s about creating a feeling” - DK

DKdekor boasts a talent of making any space ‘more exciting, welcoming, and gratifying’.

Oftentimes by rearranging furniture and with the addition of a few key pieces your space will achieve a whole new look and feel. DK offers you access to décor pieces that you won’t find in stores and that you won’t find at her price point. Working for over 15 years as a buyer for a large independent retail store, DK has an immense knowledge of major indoor décor lines. Deb partners with only the most reputable companies which allows her clients access to top furniture, accessory, art, lamp and rug lines. Her ability to buy at cost from vendors translates into you pay much less than retail for signature items.

Certainly there are times when a room will need a significant overhaul yet. In these situations, DK offers help beyond the accessories by helping you determine design, furniture and color stories which allow the rooms in your house to flow and complement one another. During this she also assists with paint colors, flooring, backsplashes, window treatments, granite, and cupboards.

Find out why Deb has an eye for décor that makes other’s eyes light up.


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